Bubbles & Bliss 2019

Bubbles & Bliss 2019 will take place at the newly renovated Bakenhof Wineland venue on the 10th of August 2019 – an extended celebration of Women’s Day on the 9th of August 2019.

Bubbles and Bliss hosted their first event in 2017 and put together a very successful morning fundraiser in only 4 weeks. The event was such a success that everyone involved agreed that it had to become bigger and better the following year.

And so it was. Bubbles and Bliss 2018 was a culmination of top-tier service providers in the wedding and entertainment industries that generously gave their time and expertise to make the event a success. More than R25000 was raised for Project Dignity and Subz pads to distribute sanitary wear with the help of Stellenbosch Child Welfare association.

With this, the relationship with Stellenbosch Child Welfare association blossomed, and Bubbles & Bliss are incredibly excited to raise funds for their “We Care” project in 2019.

This year’s cause:

The Child Welfare Association of Stellenbosch has a project called “We care”, this is part of of their “Eye on the Child” services – this year Bubbles and Bliss will be raising funds for this great project.

As the only appointed child protection organisation of Idas Valley, Cloetesville, Kayamandi as well as some parts of Eersterivier, their main objective is to take care of the children with the help of their families and the community. Social workers can unfortunately not get to everyone who needs help, so this project uses people from the community to make a difference in their own communities. They handpick these volunteers, train them and manage them, all to help make the community a safer and better place. These volunteers serve as eyes and ears to ensure all the women and children have what they need. In the mornings they ensure everyone gets where they need to be safely and in the afternoons they patrol the streets to ensure the children return safely to their homes, because so many of these children are raised by single mothers who can’t afford after school care, they rely on the help of these volunteers. They serve as guardians if children have to be removed from their homes, they are mentors and teach classes on life skills at local schools and community centres.  These wonderful volunteers further help at soup kitchens and even help the local police as trauma counsellors. Only a hand full of these volunteers have paid jobs, but they all volunteer because they are passionate about the community they live in.

The volunteers consists of 6 men and 42 women and they are currently training 2 new men as well as 28 new women.

The money we raise with Bubbles and Bliss will in other words not only help the volunteers with what they need to serve the community, but it will also help the community, we will help all the mothers(and fathers) out there who are struggling to provide a safe haven for their children, and most of all, it will make a difference in the future of the children. The children who will become the leaders of our country.