Art meets innovation with LG’s latest TV offering

More than anything, our homes have become a representation of who we are. We spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, searching for décor inspiration that complements our style and evokes a sense of comfort and peace in these unpredictable times. LG Electronics is a top contender when it comes to design.

LG G1 OLED evo Gallery Design TV

And the room that’s recently become the quintessential heart of the home? The living room. Over the last few months, haven’t we all spent more time in this multi-purpose entertainment space? We’ve indulged in countless movie marathons, cheered on our sports heroes, gamed with the kids, or spent much-needed quality time with friends and family. All you need to turn this space into the ultimate stylish comfort zone are some streamlined electronics that blend seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic, so you can go from at-home cinema to elegant lounge area at the push of a button.

Make 2021 the year you take the plunge and invest in meaningful pieces that make your home-life experience more luxurious, more comfortable, and more adaptable.

Sleek and sophisticated

It might be time to declutter your space. Why have three items when one will do? The modern, minimalist look is a popular decor trend right now, and fortunately, large electronic companies have been inspired to create truly spectacular pieces to complement paired-back spaces.

LG Electronics is a top contender when it comes to design. They understand that people want electronics that mesh organically with their home aesthetic and, more importantly, don’t take up too much space. LG’s timeless and elegant wall-mountable TVs offer decorating freedom and space-conscious design.

Last year, LG launched the OLED Gallery Design TV, known for its first-class picture quality and state-of-the-art features. After incredible feedback from reviewers and homeowners, the company decided to reinforce their top-tier luxury TV, the LG G1 OLED evo Gallery Design TV, in 2021 with new evo features to ramp up its already impressive performance.

The new high-efficiency evo panel design and enhanced colour system produce 20% more brightness than your standard OLED panel, delivering even better luminosity, punchier images with crystal clarity, greater detail, and the infinite contrast that only OLED’s self-lit pixels can offer. All this contributes to the overall HDR experience, allowing you to see colours for what they truly are – with contrast as clear as night and day.

To add to its array of features, let’s move on to the TV’s impressively thin design – its gapless wall mount is truly a call of superior interior design. The G1 OLED series comes standard with the gallery wall mount, giving you the freedom to place your TV out in the open and turn your home into a modern art gallery. Because the TV is as thin as a piece of hanging art and even offers digitised artworks to display when you’re not watching TV, it would be easy to mistake this innovative appliance for a modern artwork. The flawlessness of its flush-to-the-wall design instantly adds value to your environment, improving flow and fitting in effortlessly with the way you like to live.

Balance style and functionality

Rooms that serve one purpose are a thing of the past. In a culture of multitasking professionals and parents, our living areas should adapt to our busy lives. If we look at the LG G1 Gallery OLED evo, we find small details that make life easier. Because of its smart technologies, you can browse the web, check in on your friends virtually, or stream your favourite YouTubers from one device.

Another smart feature that comes with LG’s latest range of TVs is their new Magic Remote, which has a Magic Tap capability that allows you to simply tap your NFC-enabled smartphone to share content to the TV or vice versa. What’s even more impressive is LG’s AI Acoustic Tuning; it can detect the size of the room, the position of the TV, and where you’re sitting with your Magic Remote, and then use AI to tune and balance the sound according to the acoustics of your living room.

The LG G1 Gallery OLED TV is a significant step up from its 2020 predecessor, but it is also more than just an innovative electronic display – it’s a functional piece of art. In fact, even renowned fashion designers such as Vassilis Zoulias and Stelios Koudounaris have displayed the TV in their ateliers to bring inspiration to their artwork. And that’s why it’s the one aesthetically pleasing item your living room has been missing.

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