Invest on a global scale with Pam Golding International

Around the world, prime-located properties in world-class destinations are increasingly regarded not only as a resilient and reliable asset, but highly desirable as a lifestyle choice for partial or permanent use.

Today, acquiring a quality property in a leading, global destination has never been easier. Apart from being recognised by astute investors for the purpose of portfolio diversification and an effective currency hedge, a wide variety of real estate opportunities are available to those who seek a property for pure investment, permanent relocation, leisure use, or even as a means of acquiring citizenship.

The Pam Golding International Property Group has adopted a highly selective approach to bring you a collection of hand-picked properties situated in leading cities and locations around the world. As always specific location is key, from ever popular London, thriving Portugal and the beautiful islands of Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Why invest in Portugal?

  • EU Residency with the purchase of property from €350,000.
  • You and your family qualify for EU Residency.
  • Hard currency investment with solid returns and good long-term appreciation prospects.
  • Very attractive rental yields.

Why Invest in Mauritius?

  • Permanent residency with purchase of property from US$500,000.
  • You and your family qualify for residency.
  • Economic growth of between 3% and 5.9% for the last ten years.
  • Strong business economy, international schooling and modern medical facilities.

Why Invest in Seychelles?

  • Own freehold property in the most beautiful country in the world
  • Marina living at its best
  • Permanent Residency available with all purchases
  • Excellent rental yields and capital appreciation

If you are actively looking to invest off-shore or are simply wanting to better understand the various opportunities currently available, please contact Pam Golding International for more information.