The significance of Seven

faon Instagram that George Jardine, renowned chef and owner of Jordan Restaurant, has been fascinated with the number 7.

And when he launched Restaurant Seven a few weeks ago, it all became clear why.

Jardine has now branched out toward downtown Somerset West with a new restaurant: one focussed on modern, contemporary dining.

Situated at shop number seven, Drama Street, at the Avenues Centre in Somerset West, the aptly named Restaurant Seven is the seventh restaurant in the prolific chef’s mini-empire.

Brendan Thorncraft – the former head chef at Restaurant Jardine – takes the reigns at the kitchen here.

The décor is at the bright and fun end of the spectrum: with bright graphic wallpaper playing on the number seven suggesting a relaxed atmosphere full of modern touches that differentiates this dining space from the other two George Jardine spots.

The number is even more relevant since Brendan has worked with Jardine for seven years. Seven is built on the same foundations to that of Jardine’s other restaurants, and the quality of the food is a credit to Brendan, George and their team.

With a menu constructed with evident care, the hearty, comforting mains and a dessert menu featuring George’s trademark soufflés make it clear that flavour won out over frippery at this establishment.

Despite being a brand new eatery, already the team is said to be putting on an impressively slick show when it comes to serving and delighting diners. Another clear winner for Jardine (and Somerset West).



Phone: 021 851 3146