All things Apple

Getting the best out of technology means knowing how to navigate your way around digital innovations. And, says JAN VAN DER AHEE, Digicape in Stellenbosch is the best place to look for a map of the Apple landscape.

Stellenbosch may be recognised as the home of fine wines, fine art and fine fashion, but in recent years, with innovation hubs like Techno Park and the university leading the charge, it’s also become known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the Western Cape. There is certainly no shortage of technological innovation here. But if you’re looking for the latest and greatest Apple gear, where do you go? A suave and modern space situated in the town’s Bird Street is much more than just a tech shop.

“Many people don’t realise that there’s a shop in the heart of Stellenbosch that covers the whole spectrum of Apple devices and services,” says Gaynor MacArthur, sales di-rector at Digicape. “Not only do we have a wide range of Apple devices and accessories on hand, but being plugged into the company’s larger network means we can quickly source pretty much anything you might desire straight from the Apple ecosystem.”

Digicape has extended the Apple experience into Stellenbosch, gearing its offering to the town’s uniqueness. “The layout and look are different from any of our other stores. We shaped the store according to the town rather than the brand. We wanted to show respect for the original owners and the way they operated before we took over the premises.”

As an authorised Apple reseller, Digicape ensures that its technicians and support staff receive the same training and certifications that regular Apple store employees do. They also have access to Apple’s resources and infrastructure, including genuine replacement parts and product schematics, as well as documents to help with repairs.

Digicape does a whole lot more than just peddle the hottest gadgets in town. An independently owned enterprise, it focuses on cultivating relationships and building a network of lifelong customers. Management has made sure that the workforce consists of people who are seriously passionate about the Apple brand. Their focus is not on selling as much stock as possible, but on connecting with their clients’ shared passion for Apple. And even at a casual glance, their love for the brand is crystal clear. V

“We started in Apple before it was trendy, even before the iPhone was a thing,” explains Craig Parker, marketing manager at Digicape. “Our employees have always been the type of people who would go and stand overnight in a queue to get the latest Apple products at launches. Passion for these products runs through our entire organisation.”