The talk of the town

Eikestadnuus’ DANIE KEET delves deep into some of the biggest stories to come out of Stellenbosch. From taxis making motorists hot under the collar, to the famous “Oupa Carlos” being returned to his original spot, to the Stellenbosch University botanical gardens being listed as one of the best in the world, see all the biggest stories that have chins wagging all over town.



In this week’s edition of Eikestadnuus you can read about one of the most famous outdoor sculptures in town – which has gone through relocation on various occasions. “Oupa Carlos” as he was dubbed, is now back in his original spot and ready to provide hours of entertainment to visitors.


Stellenbosch University’s botanical gardens was recently accredited by Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and now has its name inscribed next to 800 of the most famous botanical gardens in over 100 countries worldwide.


BGCI is a membership organisation representing a network of botanic gardens all over the world, including the largest and most influential gardens in the sector.

In more Stellenbosch University related news, alumnus Dr Japie van Zyl, at present working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the Californian Institute of Technology, said on Monday at the SU Department of Electronic and Electro Technical Engineering that NASA plans to send a small helicopter to Mars in its continued search for life on the Red Planet.

Photo: NASA


Van Zyl, one of the world’s leading space scientists, is also recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University. He played a leading role in the successful Curiosity expedition of NASA to Mars.

One of the problems facing commuters in Stellenbosch is the growing problem of taxis . Although an essential element of the infrastructure for inhabitants of the town, they create traffic problems that make other road users hot under the collar. Eikestadnuus takes a look at this phenomenon and spoke to the municipality and the taxi owners association about allegations against them.


The feel good story of the week covers Marie Vallis (90) who has been giving so much of her time to assist the Stellenbosch hospice and is not showing any signs of letting up. She has served this community organisation for more than 40 years – definitely an example of community involvement for many Stellenbosch residents.


The third annual leadership course of the e’Bosch heritage project was completed over the weekend. A record number of 24 Stellenbosch residents from eight different towns in the region participated and completed the course. The course is presented by the Maties’ community Services and the department for social impact.

“The purpose of the course is to empower community leaders to take ownership of development of their own communities and to facilitate cultural and heritage related processes,“ said Carol Lakay, e’Bosch course coordinator.



Eikestadnuus also takes a look at the cooperation between the University of Stellenbosch (SU) and the local council and ways in which the specially created forum between the Executive Mayor, Adv Gesie van Deventer, and the management team of the SU work together to address issues of mutual importance.