Talk of the Town

Eikestadnuus’ Danie Keet takes a closer look at the biggest new stories from Stellenbosch, from substantial rainfall to an exciting new theatre festival in the pipeline and a look at how the e’Bosch project is uplifting the community.


Cape’s biggest dams fuller than in 2017

The level of the largest dams that supply water to the Western Cape has increased by 6.3% since last week and stood at 38.1% on Monday, 18 June.

The dams were recorded at 31.8% last week and whereas at the same time last year these were reported to be 23% full. The Berg River Dam, where the annual Berg River canoe marathon will take place in July, is 62.6% this week. This is a 8.3% increase over last week and a solid 28.5% fuller than the corresponding time last year. While the recent strong cold front that moved across the Western Cape brought good rain to Stellenbosch, only 20mm total rainfall has been predicted for the next week, according to forecasts by the South African Weather Service.


New theatre festival from the Stellenbosch University arts department

The arts department of the Stellenbosch University (SU), with the assistance of the National Theatre Initiavtive (NATi) and the ATKV, this year started with a new theatre festival, Première, for new and upcoming artists.

Première is an exciting new theatre festival foe Stellenbosch where original productions by young, innovative theatre makers of the department of drama will be developed and produced.


What the e’Bosch project means for Stellenbosch – Sias Mostert explains.

Someone recently asked me what the e’Bosch heritage project means to Stellenbosch. The executive committee of e’Bosch considered this question and initially agreed that social inequality  is the biggest problem that we are addressing through the heritage project.

“After a long and intense discussion, it was agreed that social inequality is not what we are working against, but this was changed to we are striving towards social inclusion. In hind sight we realised that we are not discussing a crime against humanity, but in essence injustice against against humanity that should be corrected.” Read what Sias Mostert has to say about the role of the e’Bosch heritage project.


The plight of the homeless 

The problem of homeless people in Stellenbosch is escalating and private security companies are being inundated to assist with the removal of these people.

According to law, private security companies are not allowed to remove vagrants from public spaces. This is the view of Antoon van Zyl, chief executive of Stellenbosch Watch, an organisation assisting to ensure safety in Stellenbosch.