Afrique mon désir album lands an international distribution deal.

Afrique mon désir (Africa my longing / Afrika my verlange) is a 75 minute multi-media world music production, directed by David Kramer, featuring the multi-award winning South African singer and composer Laurinda Hofmeyr, bassist and musical producer Schalk Joubert and the Afrique mon désire ensemble, presented by the Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA). Together with a world class ensemble of West African singers and musicians currently living in Cape Town, Hofmeyr explores a wealth of African poetry from francophone countries Madagascar, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Tshad, Cameroon and all the way back to South African shores with the Afrikaans poetry of Breyten Breytenbach, Antjie Krog en Eugène Marais. This literary feast is combined with African inspired music, to produce an energetic multi-media production titled, Afrique mon désir.

Mesmerising animation films, created by award winning South African artist, Diek Grobler, accompany the music, making this production a unique experience where languages like French, Afrikaans, Lingala and even some Swahili, Tshiluba and Kikongo, flow seamlessly into the universal language of music.

The Afrique mon désir album will be distributed internationally by the French distribution company “InOuïe Distribution. The launch date for online sales of the album is May 25th. Pre-orders can now be placed at Afrique mon désir iTunes and if you live abroad, you can order here:



Laurinda Hofmeyr was approached by CTMA CEO Nico McLachlan in 2016 to consider setting French poetry to music for the Afrique Mon Désir project. Hofmeyr says: “This idea was a huge challenge for me. I have not busied myself with any French since my Varsity days. But taking this chance was extremely rewarding. I discovered incredible poetry and met wonderful people and musicians. Afrique mon désir brought together different themes in my life. It feels as if everything somehow worked together for all of this to happen.”

The project is presented and supported by the Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA).



Music videos:

Please view videos of the Afrique mon désir band here / Merci de consulter les liens du groupe Afrique mon Désir ici:

  1. Die Dans van die Rëen” – Laurinda Hofmeyr, Afrique mon Désir Ensemble & Regis Gizavo:
  2. “Sous la Terre” – Laurinda Hofmeyr, Afrique mon Désir Ensemble & Regis Gizavo
  3. “Silence” – Laurinda Hofmeyr, Afrique mon Désir Ensemble & Regis Gizavo (Animation by Diek Grober)


The Afrique mon désir /Afrika my Verlange production was staged at Woordfees in Stellenbosch and at KKNK, Oudtshoorn in March and April and will be touring France in June 2017. Family and friends in France that would like to book tickets for the tour can do so here:

Physical copies of Afrique mon désir album are available for purchase at: