The talk of the town

The R44 reconstruction debate still has the town fired-up and a new coalition was formed to appeal against the process. Widespread opposition for this project are based on the grounds that it will inevitably change the look and feel of Stellenbosch as a rural town, placing its environment and cultural heritage in jeopardy, forming the basis of objections. Ken Forrester, well-known winemaker, is a member of the coalition opposing the implementation of these plans.



Last week The Eikestadnuus took a look at serious car accidents occurring at the Frankie’s Corner intersection of the R101 and the R304. Four people lost their lives at this dangerous crossing over the weekend and it was decided to investigate the situation at the intersection and determine the reasons for the high number of accidents occurring there. Eikestadnuus followed up on this story after speaking to provincial traffic officials in Cape Town under whose jurisdiction this road falls. The provincial traffic department has since supplied them with relevant statistics, keep a lookout for next week’s edition that delves into the reasons why this is such a dangerous intersection.



Eikestadnuus also had a chat with Annatjie Melck of Muratie, one of the legendary inhabitants of Stellenbosch, food fundi, wine connoisseur and owner of the world-renowned Oom Samie’s winkel in Dorp street. You can read more about this well-known “ouma”of the town here.


The Stellenbosch Botanical Garden is one of the best kept secrets of the town but is on the world botanical map.


One of the reasons for this is the biggest public bonsai collection in the southern hemisphere. This bonsai collection is run by a group of volunteers and the auspices of the Friends of the Botanical Gardens, says journalist Willem Pretorius about this truly unique Stellenbosch feature.


On the sports fields Paul Roos Gimnasium trounced their opponents from Paarl, Paarl Boys High, for the first time in three years. The Stellenbosch team seem set for a very successful season as they are unbeaten so far.


Photograph by Francois Lombard