Cartier Presents: a 60-second film by Seb Edwards

Cartier has unveiled it’s new Santos de Cartier campaign: a 60-second film directed by Seb Edwards and starring Jake Gyllenhaal that lets the imagination take flight.

“I wanted to create a Fellini-style fantasy world to tell the thrilling story through the eyes of Cartier, in the most immediate way possible. I tried to capture the spirit of Alberto Santos-Dumont and his obsession with flight, speed and danger. I like to imagine what his dreams might have looked like… and come up with some wild imagery, a kind of abstract fantasy…” (Seb Edwards).

A tribute to the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, the film celebrates his intrepid, thrill-seeking spirit and unstoppable quest to go further.


The film is inspired by the persona of Alberto Santos-Dumont. A friend of Louis Cartier, this pioneering aviator was devoted to the skies. His life was dominated by his quest to push the boundaries of the possible and make his dream come true. This story of irrepressible ambition is told in 60 seconds that capture the thrill of adventure and his almost mystical pursuit of take-off.

To capture in images this fearless and free-spirited quest to escape the constraints of reality and attain the unknown, Cartier approached Seb Edwards, a British director who trained in New York and is known for his award-winning campaigns.

Seb Edwards brings to the Cartier campaign his powerful signature, extraordinary aesthetic and mythical, reference-laden poetry. The artistic collaboration with American actor and producer Jake Gyllenhaal proved thoughtful and rewarding. The Santos de Cartier legend is set to keep our heads in the clouds.

Curiosity and a fearless, pioneering spirit: Jake Gyllenhaal can certainly identify with these Cartier values. The American actor and producer has partnered with the Maison on the new campaign for the iconic Santos de Cartier watch.

Jake Gyllenhaal – photo by Matthew Brookes@Cartier

Integrity, dedication and boundless curiosity: Jake Gyllenhaal embodies the Santos de Cartier man. A man who commits utterly and does nothing by halves. A man who defines fearless as honest and true to himself.

The actor approached this extraordinary project with characteristic dedication.

Since 1904 the Santos de Cartier watch has inspired Cartier imagination and creativity to tell the legendary tale of a determined and uncompromising quest to excel.

Jake Gyllenhaal reveals a new side to his talent with every film, performing a wide variety of roles. Cartier was drawn to his invincible style and fearless spirit.

From Brokeback Mountain, which earned him a BAFTA for best supporting role and an Oscar nomination, to David Fincher’s Zodiac, Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, and Stronger (2018) which he produced and starred in.

He tackles demanding roles of staggering diversity with relentless verve, delivering a nuanced and perfectly pitched performance every time.