Spice Route Destination adds Pilates to its Mix of Experiences

For many Paarl residents and Capetonians, Spice Route Destination is an ideal breakaway spot offering an on-foot excursion of different sensory and aesthetic experiences. While the Destination’s meandering pathways provide a scenic walking adventure, its new Pilates for Life studio adds a refreshing twist to its range of restaurants, tastings and retail offerings.



From its official opening on Thursday 1 February, Pilates for Life will be providing a premier studio facility offering classic and modern Pilates methods at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


“We’re excited at the prospect of introducing our classes at a Winelands venue that also boasts panoramic views of mountains, vineyards and indigenous flora,” says Colette de Vries, studio owner and Pilates instructor. “It’s the perfect setting where a sense of tranquility can easily be appreciated, and where we can help individuals de-stress, and break away from everyday demands and hassles.”



Private (single, duet or trio) and group classes involve specialised Pilates equipment provided on-site. These include exercise mats, Reformers (gliding platforms kitted with straps and springs to aid various exercises), Cadillacs (table-shaped apparatus to help increase the effectiveness of Pilates stretches), Wunda chairs (equipment to help core strength and balance) and spine correctors. Members can also look forward to a mix of Pilates styles including Adult Ballet classes as well as yoga.


The Pilates classes take place on weekdays and promise to help build up a healthy appetite, making the studio’s location apt for a post-workout meal, snack or juice at one of Spice Route Destination’s restaurants!

New members can enjoy discounted offerings and the first class is free.

For pre-bookings, class times and rates, contact Colette 084 088 4868; colette@paarlpilates.co.za and Rachelle 084 253 2601; rachellepilates4life@gmail.com.


Spice Route Destination is situated on Suid-Agter Paarl Road, and a mere 40 to 60-minute drive from Cape Town.


For more information, visit www.spiceroute.co.za or follow @SpiceRoutePaarl on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/spiceroutepaarl/), Facebook (www.facebook.com/SpiceRoutePaarl) and Twitter (twitter.com/SpiceRoutePaarl).