From ember to splendour

The fire proved not to be entirely negative. Similar to Fynbos, our indigenous flora which needs to burn every few years in order to rejuvenate. Where in the world can you take an entire hotel and refurbish all the public areas and rooms all in one go, without the risk of major guest discomfort? ANDRE MORGENTHAL finds out more about this exciting resurgence.


There is now a tabula rasa at the heart of Lanzerac, which offers the team the opportunity to shape the new footprint at this point of the Estate’s history. Cogniscent of the fragile heritage and collaborating closely with the SA Heritage Council, new, more dynamic meeting spaces were designed with better flow within the social areas. Before the fire, renovations or improved guest experiences were restricted by heritage. After the fire, the dame can ambitiously position herself with classic elegance in a modern, demanding world of fast moving, digitally driven international tourism.

There will be additional dining areas, further options for conference groups and corporate events, the traditional restaurant and a more intimate fine dining experience. With the restaurant staff placed out at some of our best restaurants, three sommeliers are being trained up during this period. This, along with attending WSET Diploma courses, affords them the experience to up their wine game as part of the future Lanzerac dining experience.

During the clean up process, many discoveries were made which often helped the project team to shape their ideas, their approach to the renovation process, making this fluid and creative. Be sure to get hold of the Autumn VISIO print version to read more about the restoration process, which includes historic building methods and hand selected furniture. Each room and meeting space are carefully curated and not one is similar to the other.



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