Shoprite to help Cape schools save 1000s of litres of water

In a special campaign aimed at saving water, CapeTalk and Shoprite have partnered at schools across Cape Town to install devices that measure consumption.

This device, called dropula, was designed by Prof Thinus Booysen of Stellenbosch University.



Monitoring water usage and flow, the device attaches to the municipal meters that supply the school and the collected information is disseminated and sent to the teachers and children.

A dashboard alerts users to a sudden changes or problems with water usage. Once there’s an alert, a maintenance team is dispatched to remedy the problem.

Watch the video announcing the partnership below:


Smart Water Meter Challenge Presser

We hosted Shoprite South Africa, Bridgiot, PRAGMA and Stellenbosch University to unpack our new #SmartWaterMeterChallenge. Together we're installing a 'Dropula' smart water meter in 100 schools. More info:

Posted by CapeTalk on Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Prof Booysen of Stellenbosch University stated that this device clearly has a material impact on water consumption:

“We have seen significant saving through that… we are at 5.2 million litres that we have saved in the last couple of months. We have achieved R50 000 savings a month at Hector Petersen High School and at a school in Stellenbosch we saved about R30 000 a month.”


Pieter Engelbrecht, CEO of the Shoprite Group says when they heard of what Prof Booysen was doing, they wanted to get involved.

He says Shoprite is about more than just making money, and that they are a business with a heart:

“We Act For Change have been trying to do their bit in saving water and the smart meters came just at the right time. Everyday that we save a litre of water it pushes Day Zero out. Secondly, if we could add R50 000 to the schools financials, it goes a long way for the learners.”