Slee Gallery presents: The Fear

About the exhibition:

We all know that feeling – the fear. The fear of trying something new, of starting over, the fear of rejection, the unknown, of being judged, the fear of simply starting. The fear we all had to look in the eye and say “no thank you, not today. I’ve got things to do!”.


” Fear will push you to avert your eyes.

Fear will make you think you have nothing to say.

It will create a buzz that makes it impossible to meditate…

or it will create a fog that makes it so you can do nothing but meditate.

Fear seduces us into losing our temper.

and fear belittles us into accepting unfairness.

Fear doesn’t like strangers, people who don’t look or act like us, and most of all, the unknown.

It causes us to carelessly make typos, or obsessively look for them.

Fear pushes us to fit in, so we won’t be noticed, but it also pushes us to rebel and to not be trustworthy,

so we won’t be on the hook to produce.

It is subtle enough to trick us into thinking it isn’t pulling the strings, that it doesn’t exist, that it’s not the cause of,

“I don’t feel like it.”

When in doubt, look for the fear.”


– Seth Godin


This unique exhibition aims to speak at anyone who has dealt with the way that fear can paralyse you. ‘The Fear’ is an examination and confrontation of various fears, of rational or irrational nature. The participating artists and designers were briefed to create work of the fear itself, it’s effects or take a more humorous approach in visualing the fear. As it is a ‘multifaceted art exhibition’, artists were encouraged to work in a medium of their choice whether it’s fine art, traditional illustration, digital illustration, jewellery design or ceramics.