KAMERS/Makers Stamps Out Cold Feet With Sexy Socks

KAMERS/Makers is known for working alongside more than 300 creative artisans around South Africa, staging sought-after pop-up retail shows.

Invigorating as this is for them, every once in a while, they get to do something even more fulfilling…



“We discovered Sexy Socks founder, Dave Hutchison, selling from a tiny stand at the Green Point Farmers Market about a week before our Castle show in 2016. Drawn to his effervescent optimism (and machine-gun sales pitch!), we snapped him up into the KAMERS/Makers family.



He’s done every show with us since then, selling up a veritable sock storm and building a country-wide business in the process. But he’s also quietly put more than 35,000 free pairs of socks on the chilly feet of needy school kids around SA – because for every pair of Sexy Socks sold they give a pair to school kids in need!



As a thank you to KAMERS/Makers, Dave has asked us to donate his next 5000 school socks to kids in our own Stellenbosch community. We’ve chosen the primary and high schools in Kayamandi and are coordinating this in concert with Love to Give. Love to Give’s centre in Kayamandi is a hub for feeding school children, enterprise development, food gardens and skills training for adults, making it an ideal place to base ourselves for the sock drop.

On Wednesday 20th September, the principal of Ikaya Primary, Mr Msebenzi, called a special assembly and the first socks were handed out by the Sexy Socks and KAMERS/Makers teams, along with representatives from our sponsors at Absa. We put a lotta socks on some little feet – and big smiles on even more faces!”




For more about KAMERS/Makers, visit www.kamers.co.za

For more about Sexy Socks, visit www.sexysockssa.com

For more about LoveToGive, visit www.lovetogive.org.za