CBC launches the Brewmaster’s Reserve range

South African award-winning craft beer producer, the Cape Brewing Company (CBC) are again pioneering within the South African craft beer landscape with the launch of a speciality craft beer range that embodies the changing face of the market.


The new Brewmaster’s Reserve range became available at the brewery on the 4 August 2017, and within the next few months, more releases will follow. First on the launch line-up is the Dunkel or Dark Lager.



This limited-edition beer was inspired by the true essence of originality and has been created to impress. “As the founding brewmaster at CBC, I encourage my brewers to be visionaries. This range was developed and produced by the skilled head brewers Anton Trollip, Dewald Goosen and with the passionate help of their brewers Siegfried Kisting, Shawn Adams and Chris Spirdens. The Brewmaster’s Reserve will set the precedent for the future brewmasters of CBC, and it is entirely different to our usual range of beers as it is a limited edition, created with individually selected imported ingredients,” says Wolfgang Koedel, Brewmaster at CBC.


The easy-drinking, malty, nourishing caramel and toffee flavours make the Dunkel Brewmaster’s Reserve the perfect winter beer, and a must taste for every beer lover.

Taking its cues from the traditional Dunkel beer, this smooth and malty craft beer is expected to draw a positive reaction from consumers. It is the epitome of CBC’s core stance – To be independent since day one. It will showcase the brewery’s unique brewing skills.


CBC’s new Dunkel is available in major retailers and liquor stores nationwide.