Let’s talk about the La Biennale di Venezia

To dedicate a week to visit Venice during the Biennale has forever been a longstanding dream of ours, and we can truly recommend this event to anyone who loves art. This was one of the most exciting, invigorating, stimulating weeks of our lives!

So, to commemorate the occasion, Francé Beyers will be giving a talk on her recent visit to the – VIVA ARTE BIENNALE ARTE 2017



This year is the 57th International Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, held in locations throughout Venice, Italy, opened to the public from May 13 until November 26, 2017.

Francé will share with us some of her impressions and highlights from her 5 day visit to this remarkable Art experience.


Datum/Date:                      Dinsdag 29 Augustus/August 2017

Tyd/Time:                            17:30 vir/for 18:00

Plek/Venue:                        US Kunsmuseum/US Art Museum,

                                                Ryneveldstraat/Street, Stellenbosch

Toegang/Admission:        Gratis vir Lede/R30.00 vir nie-lede

                                                 Free for members/R30.00 for non-members